Local Partners

Besides 100 plus LCOs as partner companies, there are 50 plus affiliate partners who have shown interest and agreed to outsource DOEN TV's service. Hence, 150 plus LCOs are likely to enjoy digital CATV service under DOEN TV in the near future. Since the deadline for digital migration in municipal areas is approaching closer, another 50 LCOs are likely to come under DOEN TV's foothold. Since digital migration requires a great deal of investment, technical know-how and expertise comparing to conventional ground cable distribution, most of them have to outsource service from any of the MSOs. Considering the opportunity ahead, DOEN TV is rapidly expanding its optical fiber eco-system across the country which is likely to increase our local partners phenomenally. The business model and revenue sharing arrangement between MSO and LCO itself justifies the leverage of expanding its foothold throughout the nation.


News & Events
Ministry made technical inspection of DOEN TV’s head-end
December 16, 2016

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Information of Communications formally made technical inspection of DOEN TV's head-end, CAS and SMS software dated Marga 23, 2073. Prior to this, DOEN TV was running test transmission only.

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