What is DOEN TV?
DOEN TV is a MSO (Multi System Operator) providing Digital CATV service.
Where does DOEN TV operate?
DOEN TV operates and provides signal to LCO’s (Local Cable Operator) in the different regions of Nepal. Please click the link below to have the reach of DOEN TV.
How does the DOEN TV work?
DOEN TV operates through STB (Set Top Box) where the channels are transmitted in an encrypted environment through Viewing Card (VC).
What is LCO & who is my LCO?
LCO is a local cable operator providing DOEN TV service to the end customer. Please click the link below to find LCO in your locality and their address for DOEN TV service.

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Does weather/climate affect DOEN TV Services?
No. Since all the channels are transmitted through optical fiber from MSO to LCO and co-axial or FTTH (fiber to the home) cable from LCO to the home of end subscriber, weather/climate disturbance or rain fade is not likely in the Digital CATV Eco-system.
Can I install and setup DOEN TV's service myself?
Subscriber can install STB once your LCO configured STB for you. Once it is configured then subscriber can plug and play.
Do we need to buy set top box for each TV sets?
Yes, STB needs to be installed in each Television set for viewing.
Can STB be operated by inverter or solar power?
Yes, your inverter or solar power should be capable of generating AC Current because your STB operates on 220v AC current. Regarding the adaptor, volt and ampere should be as specified by LCO if it is purchased from the local market.
My TV set has limited numbers of channels. How can I view more channels?
To view all the channels provided by DOEN TV, you need to reset your STB box. Please follow the instructions provided in STB box setting to reset your STB.
What should I do if all channels are not viewing in my Setup Box?
If some of the channels are only visible then you need to reset the factory setting in your STB. Please go to setting and follow the instructions provided on your television screen.
What happens if I change my accommodation?
If you change your accommodation you need to inform your LCO. Your LCO update the changes in his system and then install STB for your new accommodation.
Is there any installation fee applied?
Installation fee is as specified by Local Cable Operator (LCO). Click Here to find your local cable operator.
Do we need to pay installation charge for each TV set in the same house?
Installation charge and monthly charges are specified by LCO.
What are the packages available on DOEN TV?
DOEN TV has two packages viz. SD and HD packages. Please contact your nearest LCO for further information.
Can I have some specific package?

DOEN TV has only two packages; SD and HD packages. You have to make choice out of that. DOEN TV cannot provide you with customized package or any channel on a-la-carte basis now.

Can I change package? Is there any applicable charge on it?
Yes! You can change package once your existing package is expired or you can add multiple package at once. Please contact your LCO for applicable charges if any.
How and where can I pay for my DOEN TV?
You can pay to LCO according to mode of payment specified by concerned LCO.
Where can I get channel list and package detail?
Channel list and package details are available in any of our LCO’s and DOEN TV's office. You can also browse our website to have required details.
Can we watch all Nepali television channels?
Yes, you can watch all Nepali national channels along with regional and local channels
News & Events
Ministry made technical inspection of DOEN TV’s head-end
December 16, 2016

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Information of Communications formally made technical inspection of DOEN TV's head-end, CAS and SMS software dated Marga 23, 2073. Prior to this, DOEN TV was running test transmission only.

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