DOEN Vs. Other MSO

DOEN Vs. Other MSO

DOEN TV has competitive advantages over rest of the MSO’s in terms of subscription price, superior quality STB at competitive price, number of SD and HD channels, after sales service, dedicated customer care etc.

  1. Analogue to Digital Migration
    DOEN TV just needs migrating existing analogue signal to digital environment under already existed infrastructure. Whereas, other MSO has to either create new infrastructure or enters into agreement with LCO for digital migration.
  2. No of LCO
    DOEN TV has already 100 plus LCO and subscriber universe in hand whereas other MSO’s have limited no of LCO and subscriber universe.
  3. Service Delivery
    DOEN TV can provide prompt and efficient service to customer through its LCOs because of LCO’s experience of running cable television at their vicinity for years than any other MSO providing digital service in the same areas.
  4. No of Channels
    DOEN TV has higher no of HD and SD channels in comparison to other MSO. All the local channels are available in DOEN TV whereas other MSO do not have identical number of local channels in their bouquet of service.
  5. Quality of STB
    DOEN TV provides rightly configured quality SD and HD box comparing to other MSO in existence.
  6. Monthly Subscription
    DOEN TV has competitive subscription charges comparing to its package and no of channels than any other MSO’s in existence.
  7. Customer Care
    LCO’s under DOEN TV can provide effective after sales service in case of problem at the end of customer than any MSO’s in operation. Similarly, in case of problem in STB, it can be repaired through its authorized repairing center and resume the service efficiently whereas such prompt service cannot be guaranteed for other MSO.

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Ministry made technical inspection of DOEN TV’s head-end
December 16, 2016

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Information of Communications formally made technical inspection of DOEN TV's head-end, CAS and SMS software dated Marga 23, 2073. Prior to this, DOEN TV was running test transmission only.

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