DOEN TV is superior to DTH in terms of quality, no of channels and monthly subscription.

  1. Installation
    The installation process is easy in DOEN TV, only the set up box has to be installed in existing coaxial/fiber cable whereas in DTH installation, dish antenna needs to communicate with satellite in fixed angle besides installing set-top-box and viewing card.
  2. Picture Clarity
    All the channels of DOEN TV are clearer, uninterrupted and consistent because of cable connection whereas the picture quality of DTH dithers because of transmission medium (that is air) during climatic condition and raining.
  3. Monthly Subscription
    DOEN TV’s monthly subscription package (both HD and SD package) with set-top-box installation is any time cheaper than DTH as later charges additionally for dish antenna.
  4. No of Channels
    DOEN TV provides 170 + channels whereas Nepali DTH provides only 75 channels
  5. Local Channels
    DOEN TV provides 15 plus popular local channels whereas DTH does not have any local channels in its bouquet.

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News & Events
Ministry made technical inspection of DOEN TV’s head-end
December 16, 2016

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Information of Communications formally made technical inspection of DOEN TV's head-end, CAS and SMS software dated Marga 23, 2073. Prior to this, DOEN TV was running test transmission only.

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