About DOEN

About DOEN

Digital Optical Entertainment Network Pvt. Ltd. popularly known as DOEN TV is a company incorporated under Company Act of Nepal with its registered office at Itahari Sub-metropolis-8, Sunsari. The company has duly acquired MSO (Multi System Operator) license from the Ministry of Information and Communications, Government of Nepal for the entire territory of Nepal. The company is initially promoted by five companies representing from different regions of the country. The vision of structuring company that way is to put together the legacy of existing analogue business by promoting local investment in order to attain the common business goal and safeguard the mutual business interest. This consortium initiative is believed to be instrumental in terms of optimizing much required critical resources from within the industry and mitigate potential risk of failure because of technological shift and huge investment exposures thereof.

Conventional CATV industry is most likely to be organized and systematic once digitization process is completed in major cities of the country. In the given backdrop, key stake holders from within the industry thought of joining their hand together to exploit given business opportunity and establish its competitive edge by optimizing existing resources and bringing innovation in rendering quality of services with competitive subscription fees. This consortium initiative aims to take majority of cable fraternities across the country together and creates required business synergy to deal with most likely competitive threat because of ongoing digital migration. The best lucrative revenue sharing model between MSO and LCO, high configured STB at competitive price, number of channels, different value added services, assured quality of services and dependable after sales service are the basic propositions of DOEN TV.

The business model and modus operandi of DOEN TV is quite different from rest of the MSO’s. This is a unique business model explored and practiced; which is yet to be exercised in our neighboring countries. DOEN TV has envisioned intermingling ancestral business legacy with professional angle in order to achieve the set goal under the changed business environment. The consortium is probably the biggest in Nepal in terms of subscriber universe, geographical coverage, number of LCO and effective digital subscriber base. Since most of the medium and small size LCO’s from the industry cannot afford to hire independent digital setup considering size of investment, required skill and expertise, this platform could be very feasible and viable business proposition for cable entrepreneurs who want to maintain their identity as owner and retain major chunk of subscription revenue from their areas. DOEN TV has been largely successful in translating its vision by taking 100 plus LCO’s and their synergetic strength under its umbrella.


DOEN TV envisions leading entire Digital CATV Industry becoming change agent for successful digital migration and service innovation


Innovating technically to create robust digital eco-system across the country in order to render competitive service offerings.


To become no. 1 MSO of Nepal in terms of subscriber base, geographical coverage and revenue turnover.

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Ministry made technical inspection of DOEN TV’s head-end
December 16, 2016

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Information of Communications formally made technical inspection of DOEN TV's head-end, CAS and SMS software dated Marga 23, 2073. Prior to this, DOEN TV was running test transmission only.

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